Teh Old School

Teh Old School

Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh hai!

I've been wanting to start blogging for awhile, but never had the had been in the right place to do so. But now I've decided it's time, so welcome!

I recently graduated from college, and one imporant thing I've learned is about contributing to the community. People don't volunteer/give back to the community enough in my opinion, so I've made it my goal to find a permanent position eventually that allows me to give back while still having an extensive (and hopefully secure) career. If there's one thing I know though, I can trust the chips to fall in the right place, even if it happens in a way that I don't expect.

If you're wondering what daikaij┼ź is, it is the term for Japanese movie monsters, but more specifically - GODZILLA! I saw my first Godzilla movie when I was in elementary school,  and I've been hooked ever since. I have around a dozen movies, including other famous daikaij┼ź like Mothra and Ghidorah, figurines, and even a t-shirt I proudly display.

Manga and anime are also large aspects of my life. I'm currently working my way through Full Metal Alchemist, and just finished Inuyasha (it's considered a life achievement right now). I usually give any series a chance, and am really excited that they are starting to re-release some of the older series. Be ready to hear about Revolutionary Girl Utena sometime in the near future.

My pets include 3 cats and a puppy. They provide endless entertainment and love for my family and I.

I think I've done enough talking about me for now >.<

Tune in for the actual start of my blog next week. Subject: My three favorite Godzilla movies that I have in my collection!

Oyasuminasai! <<Goodnight>>

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