Teh Old School

Teh Old School

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Award Preview!!

This week it’s time to get down into my Godzilla collection and choose what I found to be my favorites, and what I found was a bit troubling. I love all my movies! Even though they have the same premises, they’re all different in their own ways. I also realized that picking just three movies was particularly difficult, so after some pondering I decided that I was going to choose five. Each movie was selected for a particular award. Since it's Saturday, I wanted to give a preview of what these awards are and the criteria for receiving it. Like any award show, you are free to try and guess which movies you think will win!!

He's learning how to dance for the after party...
The awards are:
·         Old school: The award for the Godzilla movie that is the definition of “Old School”. “Old School” is like the difference between the Nintendo 64 and the Wii. The Nintendo 64 is old school cuz it’s the original and…well…old!
·         See You in Hell: The award for the Godzilla movie that I never get tired. I get super excited when I watch it.  It is the equivalent of the movie that you couldn’t stop watching when you were 5 years old (that was Bambi and The Little Mermaid for me, much to my parent’s dismay). If there was a Godzilla movie that would endlessly loop in hell, it would be this one.
·         Best Enemy: The award for the Godzilla movie that has my favorite enemy. This enemy is one that isn’t a classic like Ghidorah, Rodan, Mothra, Gigan, etc. This one shows up only once.
·         Humans Fight Back: The award for the Godzilla movie that features humans that don’t completely fail at protecting themselves. The humans are able to create something that is able to (temporarily) withstand Godzilla and his enemies’ power.  Besides, anything that resembles Voltron has to be awesome, right?
·         Tissue Box: The award for the Godzilla movie made me cry. If you know me really well, I don’t cry easily. It takes a lot of a movie, book, etc. to make me tear up. But this movie somehow really got me.

Find out tomorrow which one's are chosen!
For now, here's my favorite version of Mothra's Summoning Song from Godzilla vs. Mothra, sung by the Shobijin, also known as the twin faeries.

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