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Monday, August 29, 2011

5 Animes You Should Be Watching NAO!!!

Sooo… a friend of mine, withmyredhair, recently asked for my advice on what anime shows she should be watching. Being an anime freak (I surpassed the title of fan looooong ago), I’ve decided to take some time to talk about some of my favorite shows that everyone, including withmyredhair should be watching.
These are my first five recommendations. These are by no means my only favorites, and there a lot more that people should be watching. These are the ones I’ve determined that I would say “WHAAA WHY HAVEN’T YOU SEEN THIS!!??” if you happened to mention that you hadn’t seen this particular show.
Let’s Begin!

1.       HELLSING! (The Original)

This show is so much fun, and a definite classic. An action with a supernatural twist, this is something that you should watch immediately if you plan on becoming an anime connoisseur. Meet Alucard (they say Arucard on the box but I disagree xD), a rogue vampire who is the secret weapon of the Hellsing Organization, lead by the bad ass Sir Integra Hellsing. A variety of artificial vampires are beginning to appear, and it’s up to the Hellsing organization to protect the mortal world from darkness. This also features Seras Victoria, a police officer turned vampire by Alucard, known for her finesse with the Hellsing ARMS Anti-Midian Cannon ‘Harkonnen’. Basically, this translates to FREAKING HUGE ASS ANTI-ARMOR GUN.

He's like Albert...but BETTER.

Also….This includes Walter. All I’m going to say is he’s a butler…and he likes piano wire.


This is the show that was on my messenger bag that I carried around for my entire college career (and I still use to this day). Solomon, a secret international organization focuses on finding people who have inherited a witchcraft gene in their bodies, and capture or destroy these people before their powers awaken. The Japanese branch, whom the anime follows, involves Robin Sena, a young woman born with this particular gene, in the form of pyrokinetics. She also has the burden of the memories of thousands of years of witches, which creates a conflict within herself. Her partner, Amon, is actually voiced by the same person who voices Alucard in Hellsing. With one of my favorite openings (and theme songs), and characters that you really can connect to and sympathize with, this one has a special place in my heart.


Ever thought that China dolls could be cool? This show takes things to a whole new level with Rozen Maiden. The story follows Jun, a shut-in who has stopped going to school. After ordering a mysterious collectible off of the internet, he meets Shinku, a Rozen Maiden doll who says she’s taking part in the Alice Game. This show is a dark version of a fantasy theme, which a colorful array of characters that have unique sets of powers. Plus, the childish antics of many of the characters always keep me giggling. This has two seasons, and each season features new characters along with the classic protagonists.

Hopefully I will get to cosplay one of these characters sooner or later…

The pink haired one is a girl!!


Hands down I think this is one of the best animes that has come out in the past five years, and in my opinion the anime of the decade (that isn’t something like Naruto or Bleach). An amazing post-colonial-esque anime that deals with issue that reflect our actual world and deals with diplomatic issue in a believable way. A superb cast of characters and drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and filler episodes that are actually fun to watch makes this anime a great part of a collection. Seriously, this made me bawl at some points because you become so entwined with the actions of these characters. Also this is probably what has kept late night anime going on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim.

Another reason why this anime is awesome is because it is the ONLY anime I have seen so far with Gundam-esque machines that I actually like!! I usually hate super robot battling animes, but this one balances it with other components. Plus supernatural powers!? Can’t go wrong there!

Besides, it’s an anime where you are having a hard time picking who to root for! I like characters from both the Brittanian side and with the rebels. I plan on cosplaying Cornelia at some point.


Honestly, I saved my personal favorite for last. Utena is a young girl who comes to a new Academy in search of a prince that saved her from drowning one day. What she finds is that the student council, who bear rose signet rings just like the one her prince gave her, are having fencing battles to determine the fate of the world! With the power of the prince Dios and the powerful sword from the Rose Bride, Anthy, can Utena truly bring revolution to the world?

It also has my favorite opening and closing…such a good song that I absolutely love listening to. Go look it up (or watch the anime!).

I know how it ends…but you have to watch!! Another anime that I love dearly and want to cosplay.